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28 Apr 10 - 05 May 10

Only You

Isabelle Graeff



Trolley is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition from Isabelle Graeff, at Trolley Gallery's temporary space in Berlin. ONLY YOU, a multimedia show, looks again at femininity, but pushes into more conceptual ground in a nuanced but powerful investigation of the myth of romance.

Trolley Gallery at
Torstr. 66,
10119 Berlin

The show centers around the split screen video work - ONLY YOU - in which Graeff kisses/is kissed by nine different men intimately, lovingly and without raunch. ONLY YOU exposes the romance which re-emerges in the mundane after we have exposed the mundanity of the romance. With each sculptural, video and photographic work that follows, romance is re-imagined in a world of multiples and monotonies - but certainly in a
world where romance still has a value.

“Cliche killed the myth of romance the moment the tall dark lover with the red rose and the penchant for poetry (Romantic) finally got a mortgage and read the business section. No bad thing, one might object: Love’s not hot forever, it’s washing up and maternity bras. The hyper-driven aesthetics of seduction and femininity that sell true, singular and passionate love (or polygamous, sequined, strip-club love - take your pick) ring hollow in the long run. I love him, and then him, and I might really love him, no, I love him, he’s the one, or maybe him: multiplicity renders romance impotent, and time exposes it as nothing but a cheap thrill - real like a unicorn.” And yet, man made marriage, man made romance and man made the nuclear family. On the one hand yes, suggests Graeff, but on the other, is a man-made high really any less high? A kiss meant is a kiss meant, duration and structure be damned. Perhaps then, there is also a real live romance to be found in the mundane? Is the micro-momentous hormonal buzz of a brief and passionate kiss valueless? And the familiar erotics of domestic life might not be marketable, but does this render them fraudulent?

It is this world, where glamour bedfellows the banal, that Isabelle Graeff interrogates.

Trolley Gallery at
Torstr. 66,
10119 Berlin