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24 Nov 10 - 14 Jan 11

Collective Noun

Laureana Toledo, Boo Saville, Stephanie Quayle, Jennifer Taylor, Monica Carocci, Nina Gehl, Kelly-Anne Davitt, Rachael Haines, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Hrafnhildur Arnardottir aka Shoplifter, Whitney McVeigh


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Faggionato Fine Art in collaboration with Trolley Gallery are delighted to present Collective Noun, a richly inventive group show of works by emerging artists from the Trolley Gallery programme, curated and produced at Faggionato Fine Art.

Often interpreting the more perceptive sensibilities of artistic practice, the selected artists produce metaphysical, psychological as well as formal explorations.

Boo Saville presents detailed biro drawings of archeologically discovered heads, an intense translation of death, symbolic ritual and preservation. Whitney McVeigh’s work uses old found newspapers and documents on which to place her black monoprints, the result suggesting oversized Rorschach tests.

Kelly-Anne Davitt’s hyper-realistic paintings of models taken from her own photographs explore the often ridiculous extremes of representation of female beauty in advertising and television. Nina Gehl’s nostalgic paintings explore memory through found photographs of female portraits, painted using a mixture of oil and burnt wood ash.

Monica Carocci intervenes in the development and processing of her unique photographic prints tpo render her subjects dreamlike and ephemeral. Juliana Cerqueira Leite’s work explores the dimensions and extent of her own body, creating sculpture, video and drawings examining the result of her physical action in relation to her surroundings and medium. Similarly Laureana Toledo works with the relationships within various systems but based around words, poetry and photography.

Jennifer Taylor obsessively collects material to create installations of diverse objects whitewashed beneath a deceptive layer to disguise their original context.

Hrafnhildur Arnadottir aka Shoplifter works with human hair, both real and synthetic, to weave narratives and colour into forms and figures. Rachael Haines will create her site-specific installation ‘Tudor’ around the gallery, stretching from the columns around the gallery and into its kitchen and toilet, so that every part of the space becomes incorporated in the exhibition, rendering black gaffer tape into abstract and geometric forms.

Trolley was founded in Shoreditch, east London in 2004, and is shortly to relocate to west-end premises in Fitzrovia. Trolley’s program focuses on new and emerging artists in the UK and international artists who have not shown in London before.