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15 May 19 - 22 Jun 19

Land of Ibeji

Bιnιdicte Kurzen & Sanne De Wilde



TJ Boulting are proud to present the first exhibition of Bénédicte Kurzen & Sanne De Wilde's collaborative photographic project 'Land of Ibeji', an exploration of the mythology of twinhood in Nigeria. West Africa and specifically Yoruba-land (Nigeria's South West) has ten times more twins than any other region in the world. 'Ibeji' meaning 'double birth' and 'the inseparable two' in Yoruba stands for the ultimate harmony between two people. Through a visual narrative and an aesthetic language that is meant to reflect and empower the Yoruba culture that celebrates twins, the two photographers extend their gaze beyond appearance - with symmetry and resemblance as tools - to open the eyes to the twin as a mythological figure and a powerful metaphor: for the duality within a human being and the duality we experience in the world that surrounds us.