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Photomonitor reviews Maisie Cousins’ solo show ‘grass, peonie, bum’

28 Jun - 2017


While we may appreciate Cousins’ honesty, it is important to keep in mind what draws us to her images in the first place. Take, for instance, her use of colour. Pinks and purples, colours associated with femininity, with the qualities of being endearing or attractive, dominate; they become aggressive. Flesh, which ranges from yellow to grey, becomes unappealing. Still, there is something undeniably sensuous about Cousins’ palette. This is highlighted nicely in the smaller, adjacent gallery space, which is transformed through the use of gold, reflective foil on the floor and a deep shade of coral on the walls. Entering the space, we feel as though we are being swallowed by one of Cousins’ oily blossoms.
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