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Dominic Hawgood and Lucy Soutter in conversation Tuesday 28th January, 6.30pm

15 Jan - 2020


Artist talk exploring ideas in his current solo show merging the world of psychedelics with the mechanics of visual computing.
Tuesday 28th January
Fyfie Hall, Westminster University, 309 Regents Street, London W1B 2HW
“When it comes right down to it, do you know how a digital image works? Could you explain to a child how an image captured from the world can be digitally heightened or altered? Or how a computer-generated image is produced? Of course, you do not need to know. For all its advantages, the digital age has alienated us from the inner workings of everyday machines, devices and processes. Constructed digital images have come to look ordinary to us now, “the new normal.” While most of us have played around with Instagram filters or Photoshop effects, a tiny minority understands the technology that underpins them. Research scientists in technology graphics labs are the high priests of our new visual reality. The keepers of the mysteries. The rest of us just sit back and let the images wash over us.” from the text by Lucy Soutter
Please join us for a free artist talk by Dominc Hawgood in conversation with arts writer Lucy Soutter, to discuss his latest incarnation of his ongoing project ‘Casting Out The Self’ which is currently showing at TJ Boulting until Feb 1st. The talk is free but please book your place on the Eventbrite link above. We look forward to seeing you there.