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Boo Saville


Exhibition dates

14 June - 31 August 2023

Salon C. Stellar, 19b Beak Street, London W1F 9RP

Open by appointment only please email

TJ Boulting are delighted to present an off-site exhibition of Boo Saville at Salon C. Stellar in Soho, London. Her is a series of new paintings juxtaposing figurative and colour field works.

For many years her work has investigated mortality and the nature of perception, her large colour fields are made up of flawlessly gradating shades, applying up to forty layers of paint to achieve the effect of erasing any suggestion of her own mark-making, in spite of the emotional tenor of the works. The colour fields are inextricably linked to the figurative canvases, the subjects of the latter – sparingly painted so as to retain the appearance of the canvas weave – result from internet searches that occur to her whilst working on the abstracts. 

The figurative paintings here present iconic and recognisable images of women, from Princess Diana to Amber Heard. They are famous, infamous, troubled, crying - blurring the line between real and fiction in our minds. The colour fields in contrast are named after women the artist knows personally - friends and family. Together they question the way we perceive and respond to images of women, those that we know personally and have an emotional connection with, and those that we only think we know. The dichotomy between abstract and figurative painting here reveals the unexpected connection between how women are perceived, judged, reviled and adored.

Read interview with Boo Saville by John-Paul Pryor HERE

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Boo Saville Her: Exhibitions
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