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Eloise Fornieles

Now is the time

6 August - 8 August 2015


In her interactive performances, Eloise Fornieles explores thin line between beauty and violence, intimacy and overexposure. Using installation, sculpture, soundscapes, and storytelling, she sets up one-on-one interactions between artist and audience that highlight the symbolism in our everyday interactions. In The Oyster Bar (2006), viewers were invited to share their stories of loss in exchange for an oyster or an orange on a set modeled after Édouard Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère (1882). She pushed the bounds of her interactive practice even further in Senescence (2007), a performance in which Fornieles spent days in a drug-induced slumber, while visitors were invited to whisper suggestions into her ear in an effort to influence her dreams. Other pieces reference an earlier generation that includes Marina Abramovic, in performances that stretch the limits of physical endurance.

Eloise Fornieles Now is the time: Current Exhibitions
Eloise Fornieles Now is the time: Exhibitions
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