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Kate Dunn and Vinca Petersen talk Wednesday 30 June

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Please join us on ZOOM on Wednesday 30 June 18.30-19.30 for an artist talk between Kate Dunn and Vinca Petersen.

Vinca is a photographer whose renowned series ‘No System’ showed her travelling around Europe in the 90s photographing free parties, her friends and the scene that surrounded it. Kate is a painter who has recently incorporated electronic ‘gabber’ music and UV for her current series of paintings.

Although working three decades apart, the two artists will discuss rave culture, aesthetics, politics and history and other shared themes in their work.

The two artists will be joined by Hannah Watson and Charlie Fellowes, directors of TJ Boulting and Edel Assanti where their respective solo exhibitions are currently on show.

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