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Kate Dunn at The Fitzrovia Chapel for London Gallery Weekend

On Sunday 6 June from 11-4 The Fitzrovia Chapel will be showing a painting by Kate Dunn, as part of London Gallery Weekend.

Kate says: "The chapel and the altarpiece have featured heavily in my work since I left Florence four years ago. Whilst living there I spent many hours in the Brancacci Chapel and the monks' cells of San Marco. These memories are like archives that I continuously dip into when thinking of installations and compositions for my work.

The Fitzrovia Chapel and its use of Italian Gothic draws parallels to the gothic arches of THE TABERNACLE, my exhibition currently on show at TJ Boulting. I have been thinking about the different manners in which we engage with worship, so it is a privilege to show one of my works in the drama of the secular space of the Fitzrovia Chapel."

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