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1 August - 23 August 2014

TJ Boulting is delighted to announce our summer group show, where several leading independent

art and photobook publishers have been invited to curate the work of artists and photographers

of interest to them. In recent years there has been a prolific amount of activity in the art publishing

world, with fairs such as Offprint in Paris, specialist bookshops, organisations such as Printed

Matter who established the successful New York Art Book Fair, and particularly a rise in young

publishers, innovating on small budgets and producing exciting and original small-run publications,

often a far-cry from the traditional models seen before in art publishing.

To celebrate this renewed focus on publishing as a fertile area of artistic output, a small selection

of art and photobook publishers have been invited to present their chosen artists and photographers,

who in the majority of cases they have worked with on publications. It is an opportunity to

bring together not only the various artists and photographers, but also highlight the publishers

responsible for showcasing their work.

The slim economic return of publishing, especially in the general financial downturn, conversely

has led to a passionate and creative output for those who are, against the odds, bringing out new

and original publications. The talent often discovered through the selective process of each publisher

and the commitment inherent in the process of bringing a project to fruition, can be evaluated

in the fact that publishers now in many ways are the new curators.

The small-run of a few hundred copies, hand-made artist books of Riot and Akina Books can sell

out almost immediately, and here Akina present work from their forthcoming first offset printed

book by Italian photographer Federico Clavarino, whilst Riot present the Ukrainian photographers

Vladislav Krasnoshek and Sergiy Lebedynskyy, from their book ‘Euromaidan’, of the

Ukrainian riots earlier this year.


Often the artist and photographer has directed this innovative attitude into their own work and

self-published, such as Italian photographer NicolШ Degiorgis and his recent acclaimed project

‘Hidden Islam’ of disguised mosques in northern Italy. Bruno Ceschel of Self Publish Be Happy has

been a pioneering platform in this area, and presents one of the early photographers he has worked

with, Lorenzo Vitturi, who is currently opening a solo show of his work at The Photographers’ Gallery

‘Dalston Anatomy’, in no small part thanks to the acclaimed book.

Harry Hardie and Ben Weaver of Here Press have released several original and unusual projects in

documentary photography, and together with Lewis Chaplin, a photographer and also publisher

of his own imprint Fourteen Nineteen, have collaborated on a new publication, the protagonist of

which is the subject here of Chaplin’s 6x7 portraits taken of him within his domestic environment.

Maxwell Anderson of Bemojake presents Tim Smyth from his forthcoming book documenting sinister

glimpses, in seemingly banal street scenes and landscapes, of President Assad in Syria. Damien

Poulain of Oodee presents slideshows of Viviane Sassen, Pieter Hugo, Charlotte Dumas and his

new series of books of female portraits in various global viewpoints. Swedish publisher Melk and

gallerist Bjarne Barne presents his own work in forthcoming publication ‘Grapnel Grapple’.

Alix Janta of Adad Books’s monochrome collection of works by different artists ‘Traces’, explores

the concepts of technicality and texture through various printing processes and techniques, either

classical or their own innovation. Hannah Watson of Trolley Books’s presentation in contrast is

‘Protanopiautopia’, where each artist harnesses the aesthetics of colour, and in particular pink, to

depict less than aesthetic subjects in a form of ‘colour blindness’ to their content. Ricardo Cases’s

brightly coloured pigeons from his acclaimed first book ‘Paloma al Aire’, and artists Boo Saville

and Henry Hudson, whose pink hues disguise a more sinister and less than fragrant subject matter.

Aron Morel of Morel Books looks back to the original printmaking techniques of William

Blake, created by Michael Phillips, an academic who studied the process in depth, and is presented

alongside polaroids taken by Patti Smith of Blake’s death mask.

Finally the London-based Archive of Modern Conflict presents their performance “30minute photo

book”, participants will be invited to cut up, stick and re-arrange books and images that the archive

has published. This will include works by Larry Towell, Cristina de Middel, Leo Griffin, Bruce

Gilden and more

PUBLISH/CURATE: Current Exhibitions
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